Friday, November 14, 2008


Fragrance Lamps - La Maison du Parfumeur

While I've had experience directly with Lampe Berger lamps, some might want to try one of the copycats that cost less to buy. (And the fuel to fill and operate the lamps also costs less - on average about $12.00 a bottle on Amazon.) One of the best is La Maison fragrance lamps (full name: La Maison du Parfumeur.)

Here are a few of the beautiful styles La Maison currently has for Lampe-berger-like catalytic fragrance lamps:

La Maison Scents (Scented Oil/Scented Fuel for the Lamps)
Some of the scent options you have for the alcohol-based fuel by La Maison du Parfumeur are:

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