Saturday, October 23, 2010


Lampe Berger Lamp - Clochette - Brilliant Blue with Silver Cap

Is it time for a new Lampe Berger? Or, are you looking for a simple, yet elegant gift? This Clochette style by Lampe Berger is just stunning. Besides this brilliant cobalt blue, it also is available in clear glass, or frosted glass. And, at $29.99 it's a bargain!

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Monday, October 18, 2010


Lampe Berger Oils and Fuels - Orange Cinnamon Scent

A beautiful scent to choose for your Lampe Berger lamp at this time of year is orange cinnamon. It's warm and welcoming, with a rich scent of orange oils plus a spicy hint of cinnamon. Just the perfect blend!

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Lampe Berger Scent Collections - Fruit Scents for Lamp Berger Burners

Lampe Berger stocks a wide range of different types of scents, so that you can find one that suits you perfectly. Some of the available scented oils (fuel) that are fruit scented are:

- Grapefruit (called Grapefruit Passion)
- Lemon Flower
- Green Apple
- Under the Fig Tree
- Strawberry Kiwi

All of them smell scrumptious, and will bring a light fragrance to your home while also battling airborne bacteria - a must for cold and flu season!

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