Saturday, April 2, 2011


Lampe Bergers to remove smoke odors

Lampe Bergers are well known for use in the kitchen to remove nasty cooking odors, but you can use these handy catalytic burners for more than just that! Try turning on the Lampe in a smaller sized room and let smoky-smelling items (from cigarette smoke odors) sit...the smoke odor will be neutralized!

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awesome tips.
I doubt it works, I have one of vaporizer and it does not have the smoke smell. Its called the Vaporfection viVape
I have this kind of lampe berger car perfume which I use in the kitchen too and surprisingly it really removes the bad odor of smokes. A bit high in price I know but it's worth to buy because it can be used not only in your own car but also inside your house.
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