Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Pretty Lampe Berger Lamp Design - Dogwood on White with Gold Cap

This is a truly classic, completely elegant Lampe Berger lamp design. With a creamy ivory background, and large dogwood flowers this would be a lovely addition to your home.

And remember, that Lampe Berger lamps do more than just add a pretty fragrance to your home - the molecules released by the catalytic burner work to destroy odor-causing molecules FIRST! That's why nothing works better than a Lampe Berger lamp to really get rid of nasty odors once and for all. If you need a bottle of the scented fuel to go along with this lamp, here are a few of my personal favorites you could try:

Green Apple Lampe Berger Fragrance 500ml

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Lampe Berger Fragrance of the Day - Heavenly Spruce

This Lampe Berger fragrance will remind you of walking through the forest - it's a rich, green scent that will freshen your home beautifully! Today's Lampe Berger scented oil is: Heavenly Spruce - 500ml

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Friday, November 14, 2008


Fragrance Lamps - La Maison du Parfumeur

While I've had experience directly with Lampe Berger lamps, some might want to try one of the copycats that cost less to buy. (And the fuel to fill and operate the lamps also costs less - on average about $12.00 a bottle on Amazon.) One of the best is La Maison fragrance lamps (full name: La Maison du Parfumeur.)

Here are a few of the beautiful styles La Maison currently has for Lampe-berger-like catalytic fragrance lamps:

La Maison Scents (Scented Oil/Scented Fuel for the Lamps)
Some of the scent options you have for the alcohol-based fuel by La Maison du Parfumeur are:

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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Lampe Berger Fragrance of the Day - Fresh Eucalyptus

If your Lampe Berger lamp will have a permanent home in the bathroom, then this might be just the right scent for you! With a very real, fresh eucalyptus scent - this fuel is a perfect choice for anyone who likes herbal, green-inspired scents.

Very fresh and clean - but if you still find it a little strong, just use some of the Neutral oil to cut the strength of the fragrance.

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Maybe it's Time for a New Lampe Berger Burner and Wick

If you're noticing after a couple of years of use that your Lampe Berger burner/wick doesn't seem as effective as it once was - maybe it's time for a new catalytic burner! Lampe Berger recommends replacing the burner about once a year or so, or less often if you don't use your lamp as much. A fresh burner will make your Lampe Berger work like it's brand new again!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What is a Lampe Berger fragrance lamp?

Are you wondering what all the fuss is about these fragrance lamps you've heard so much about? You might be asking yourself: "What is a Lampe Berger lamp anyway?"

Lampe Berger is an admired French company that was first established way back in 1898. The lamps themselves were originally developed for hospitals in France, because the action of the catalytic burner worked to destroy and eliminate airborne bacteria. So, when you buy a Lampe Berger, you're not only adding a beautiful fragrance to your home, but more importantly - you're purifying the air around you. This is the very reason why so many people will burn their Lampe Berger when they or someone else in the family has a cold or flu - it helps to kill some of the bacteria floating around in the air.

Maurice Berger, a Parisian pharmacist, developed the first Lampe Berger lamps. At first they were used entirely for their antibacterial properties, but over time Lampe Berger became something much more - a highly decorative and collected piece of art! Even today, Lampes are collected by people all around the world, and some of the greatest designers lend their talents to creating new styles of lamps. These designers include Lalique and Baccarat.

So, when you choose your Lampe Berger - you're doing something good for your family. And you're making your home look a little more beautiful, all at the same time!

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Lampe Berger - Scent of the Day - Fresh Linen Fragrance Oil

Do you love the smell of fresh, crisp, just-washed sheets? This new scent by Lampe Berger - Fresh Linen - reminds me so much of just what the title suggests!

A beautiful scent to feature in the bathroom or bedroom, or anywhere you want a light, fresh scent. Beautiful! Remember, if you want to lighten any of the Lampe Berger scented fuels, you can just cut the scent by using half Fresh Linen oil, and half Neutral oil.

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Lampe Berger - Classic Styling - Amber

This is a truly classic Lampe Berger style. The series is called "Ottoman" and it features a number of different colors to choose from to incorporate beautifully in your home decor.

This amber toned lamp is very popular, because the amber coloring is so rich and yet neutral enough to go in almost any home. A popular gift choice!

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