Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Is Your Lampe Berger Not Working? Possible Reasons and How to Fix...

Is your Lampe Berger lamp not working as it once was? Or, has it never worked quite as you'd hoped it would? These might be one of the reasons, the easy ways to fix your Lampe Berger to make it work better than ever!

1. Don't overfill the Lampe Berger. Only fill your LB about 1/2 full with the fuel - and be sure to only use Lampe Berger fuel. (It is specially formulated to work with these lamps.) Overfilling the lamps can cause the flame to die out before it's totally activated the catalytic burner.
2. Take a look at your lamp...there are tiny little notches in the side of the metallic part that is on the very top of the lamp (not the caps.) Use a little paring knife to open those notches. If they're not open, the lamp won't get any oxygen, and won't work properly.
3. Check the burner itself. It might be time to replace your burner! If you've had it for a very short time, check with Lampe Berger (or ask at the place you purchased your lampe) and see if it was a defective burner. They might be able to replace it for you!

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